Ran Online: Free School-Themed MMORPG

Ran Online Swordsman on Sports Field

If you are looking for a school-themed, combat MMORPG that is free-to-play then Ran Online may be the right choice for you. Ran Online was developed by Min Communications, Inc. from South Korea. My first experience with Ran Online was back in 2008. I thought that like with many MMO it would wither and disappear […]

Project Shield: NVIDIA’s Portable Gaming Device

nVidia Portable Console

nVidia is about to try and take its share of the handheld gaming market. The new portable gaming system would be nVidia’s first attempt at making their own standalone gaming system. As any PC gamer knows, nVidia provides top-of-the-line, high quality video cards, although not all are affordable the company manages to be on top […]

Playable Games on a GeForce 9500GT

GeForce 9500gt Graphics Card

The nVidia GeForce 9500gt may not be a choice card among extreme PC gamers. Being on the low end side of the graphics card tier, it has received a number of not so promising reviews. But the card is not without its charms, it is after all a low end card and should be judged […]

Plants vs. Zombies

plants vs zombies horde

The year 2009 saw the rise of a seemingly simple tower defense game for the PC. The game is called “Plants vs. Zombies”, the game took the world by storm, or at least the gaming community. It is now considered a top gun among tower defense games, admired by others who wish to emulate its […]

Chip’s Challenge

Chip's Challenge Level 1

The Puzzle Game Chip’s Challenge is a tile-based puzzle game that was included in the Best of Microsoft Entertainment Pack. The puzzle game follows the story of Chip McCallahan, a computer nerd whose goal is to be a member of Melinda’s Bit Buster Club. The game has 149 levels that are full of well crafted […]