Defeat Forester Boss – Prime World Defenders

How to defeat Forester Boss on Prime World Defenders. Forester is sort of a big mountain man that moves a little slower than most Touched. He could be your first tough boss if you don’t have the proper artillery early on the game.

My main strategy is to block the straight path to the generator and add at least two Siege Towers. Your other additional towers could be the poison tower or a combination of the Poison Tower and the Slowing Tower. The Poison Towers are really effective against the smaller Touched and upgrading it to at least level two helps reduce the Forester’s health.

Prime World Defenders Siege Tower + Poison Tower

Siege Tower + Poison Tower

If you don’t have the Siege Tower then here are other Tower configurations that work :

Prime World Defenders Poison Tower + Slowing Tower

Poison Tower + Slowing Tower

Prime World Defenders Wooden Tower + Poison Tower + Slowing Tower

Wooden Tower + Poison Tower + Slowing Tower

Here are the bonus achievements for the Level:

  • Save 150 Prime by the end of the level – Reward: 1 Star
    This one is really easy as your starting Prime is more than enough. You could easily save more than 200 Prime by the end.
  • Don’t use Magic on the level – Reward: 50 Silver Coins
    Using Ice Storm magic is quite handy in slowing down the boss and so you get to inflict more damage. 50 silver coins is not that big of a deal anyway. But if you insist on NOT using magic you could easily pull it off by adding more towers since you got quite a lot of starting Prime.

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