Defeat Bronerog Boss – Prime World Defenders

How to Defeat Bronerog Boss on Prime World Defenders. You better have heavy artillery to defeat Bronerog as this monster has a hefty amount of hit points. Siege Towers or even Dragon Towers would do very nicely.

The strategy is to put smaller deadly artillery at the starting point. The Poison Tower is the prime candidate, make sure to put at least two. Also, make sure to take advantage of the booster tile that increases the Poison Tower’s deadliness.

Then you put the heavy hitting towers at the back of the area. You could either use a few Siege Towers or a couple of Dragon Towers. The idea is to clear the smaller mobs early on so that the heavy hitting towers could focus on the boss.

Adding some Slowing Towers also help in getting more hits through, though the boss is already quite slow. Also, when Bronerog is just below the lamp/light post, make sure to use the Ice Storm magic so that the heavy towers could work on him a bit longer.

You could choose between these two configurations. The first uses a total of 7 towers including 3 Siege Towers. The second uses a total of 8 towers including 4 Dragon Towers. On the second image I added a slowing tower at the end to block his straight path.

Prime World Defenders Bronerog

Siege Towers

Prime World Defenders Bronerog Boss

Dragon Towers

Here are the bonus achievements for the Level:

  • Save 180 Prime by the end of the level – Reward: 1 Star
    This one is easy enough if your towers are properly fused or evolved which makes their base damage higher. This means that you would save prime by using fewer towers.
  • Don’t upgrade a tower during the level – Reward: 75 Silver Coins
    Upgrading the Poison Towers would quickly clear the smaller monsters. But you could also easily do without upgrading, maybe just add one more Poison Tower instead.

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