Prime World Defenders

Prime World Defenders is a standard Tower Defense game. Most game reviews out there seem to have a unanimous agreement that the game is simply not interesting. I think the game has some flaws but is otherwise enjoyable and in the end isn’t that all that matters? Gamer comments on most forums seem to indicate they’re having fun so this is an overall decent game.

Objective & Game Play

The objective is to finish the map by reclaiming land from the Touched. Well it’s a Tower-defense game. You place towers and try to prevent the enemies from reaching their goal.

Prime World Defenders Screenshot

Notice that the starting point is very near to the Boss mountain – Meaning you just went in circles.

What I like about Prime World Defenders

  • I like Tower-defense games. I’m somewhat bias but what can I say, I like these games.
  • Interesting Comic Strip that explains the story. Simply great art work.
  • Has a little depth with the addition of the Card Fusing/Evolution aspect.

What I don’t like about Prime World Defenders

  • Level designs are repetitive and are reused all the time. More additional designs would’ve been great and would increase player interest.
  • Getting Tower Cards types by chance. You need a certain Tower Type to get past a certain level but you just don’t have it due to randomization. An example is the Detector Tower. You really need one for revealing invisible mobs. This element of Chance doesn’t necessarily need to be removed but instead improved.
  • The dialog on the story’s cut-scenes are a little uninspired. A good, well-thought rewrite could make it more believable.
  • More entries for the Video Settings is a must. You just have the option of changing the resolution.
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