Flower Queen Boss – Prime World Defenders

How to Defeat Flower Queen Boss on Prime World Defenders. Defeating the Flower Queen boss is quite easy though it could take some time. The entire stage can go on up to 80 levels or summonings. The Flower Queen has a lot of hit points but not to worry because it only summons waves of touched and stays stationary. You just have to add Mortar Towers to focus on the boss itself and maybe one to fire on the oncoming waves of touched. Add some Poison Towers strategically to make the path to the finish a little longer.

This level doesn’t requires much. 3 Mortar Towers and 3 Poison Towers is all it took on the image below. Although, these towers were already improved through fusing and evolution. This configuration will nicely finish the level without needing to upgrade any tower which allows you to attain the achievement that rewards 1 star.

Prime World Defenders Boss

Here are the bonus achievements for the Level:

  • Save 175 Prime by the end of the level – Reward: 1 Star
    Using the tower configuration above, you could easily save more than 400 prime by the end of the level. You can also spread the towers more loosely to lengthen the duration of the level so you gain more prime.
  • Complete the level without upgrading towers – Reward: 200 Silver Coins
    By the time you get to this Flower Boss level you may have already acquired a lot of spare silver so this particular achievement’s reward is not that enticing. Though if your towers already have max damage achieved through fusing or evolution, then this achievement should be a piece of cake.

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