Ran Online Server Rollback Abuse

Here’s a little rant.

So, the company running Ran Online Philippines decided to perform a rollback on one of its servers. I can’t really recall if this was the first time. But this means that all activity, recorded on the server after the rollback date was wiped clean. Every experience, quests, time and effort on the part of the players, in-game market sales, real money spent by gamers on top-up cards and entire characters that were recently created.

I was personally affected here. I created a character a few days prior to the rollback. Of course if I knew there would be a rollback then I wouldn’t have bothered developing my character from level 1 all the way to level 110. My character completely disappeared and I’m not the only one. A lot of characters got deleted.

Ran Online Gold Bug

The Apocalypse server rollback was their strategy to counter the abuse brought by players who took advantage of a glitch in the game. The glitch allowed a few players to dupe gold. How many players were capable of duping the gold? Who knows. Maybe 20 or maybe even just 1 player. But that didn’t stop the game moderators from punishing everyone.

Now, there’s really no such thing as a perfect software. Online Games, even the best ones are, from time to time, susceptible to different hacks and exploits. So, players trying to gain unfair advantage is nothing new. But what’s new here is a company willfully punishing their customers because they can’t think of a better solution. Ok, so the part about companies trying to rip-off customers is not really new either.

What was the Point?

Here’s a fair question. What was the point of doing the server rollback? If the hackers had been able to dupe gold because there’s a glitch and that glitch itself was not fixed. What would prevent them from doing it again? the answer is NOTHING. It could happen again and the game moderators, in their infinite wisdom, would perform another rollback. Was the problem solved? NO. What this brings is more heartache on the unsuspecting players.

Feb 4

Feb 4, 2013

Notice the GM’s message on the image above, he talks about game economy. What about real economy? Players, though not everyone, spend money to play games like this. Where did all those top-up money go? Down the drain? The players gave, the company gladly took. Then the rollback. Nice strategy. Did the players get their money back? Of course not.

Bottom line: Customers should never be punished for things they didn’t do and things they have absolutely no control over. Any company who chooses to behave the way the operators of Ran Online PH did, would gain absolutely no respect from the community of gamers that they live off on.

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