Defeat Asp Boss – Prime World Defenders

How to Defeat Asp Boss on Prime World Defenders. Defeating Asp is fairly easy if you have upgraded Dragon Towers and don’t mind using almost all your starting prime. This means you won’t be able to get one of the achievement that requires 275 prime at the end.

Asp has a fair amount of life, fairly fast moving and what’s worse, he flies. This means the powerful sun tower is not usable. He also does a fast dash when flying on a straight path.

Putting a Lightning Tower at the starting point is a good strategy to clear all the other touched then the rest of the towers could work solely on the boss. Add cheap Barrier rocks to create a single path for the touched. In the configuration below the towers used are 4 upgraded Dragon Towers, 1 upgraded Lightning Tower and 1 Barrier.

Prime World Defenders Asp

Here are the bonus achievements for the Level:

  • Save 275 Prime by the end of the level – Reward: 2 Star
    Since you will need to use and upgrade Dragon Towers and a Lightning Tower you would easily use up most if not all of your starting prime. The problem is you wouldn’t be able to get enough from monsters to get it back up to 275. You could save prime in the beginning by using a lot of magic instead. But that means you won’t get the second achievement. You would have to trade-off between getting this achievement or the other. Since saving 275 prime gives a reward of 2 stars, this would be the ideal one to get. Or maybe not since by the time you get to this level you probably have purchased everything from the skill shop.
  • Complete the level without using magic – Reward: 300 Silver Coins
    Again, to be able to save enough prime for the first achievement you might have to use all the magic you can just to slow down the Asp boss. Though you might pull off getting both achievements if your Dragon Towers and Lightning Towers are Evolved and Fused to the maximum.

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