Chip’s Challenge

The Puzzle Game

Chip’s Challenge is a tile-based puzzle game that was included in the Best of Microsoft Entertainment Pack. The puzzle game follows the story of Chip McCallahan, a computer nerd whose goal is to be a member of Melinda’s Bit Buster Club.

The game has 149 levels that are full of well crafted and challenging puzzles filled with head-scratching obstacles and an annoying frog-like monster. The game is definitely addictive, though I get discouraged from time to time when I get stuck at a certain level. Another hook of the game is its very memorable and upbeat music which may probably be best described as jungle techno, there were only two though.

Reminiscing a Classic

Any Chip’s Challenge gamers out there? I remember my first encounter with Chip and Melinda’s puzzling clubhouse. It was the mid 90s, Chip’s Challenge was ported to Windows, though it was developed years before. I was an elementary schoolboy who got introduced to Windows 95.

Well, before Chip’s Challenge, I have been hooked on a lot of games, like Super Mario Brothers on the Family computer. But this tile-based puzzle game has a certain grip on me. Each day after school, I would sit and play the game until I was tired. For each level I finish, I wrote down the game code or password on my little notebook.

Although, I can’t remember if I actually finished the whole 149 level during those times. I was at one point, stuck on a level filled with nothing but bombs. I can’t really recall why I stopped playing but I remember that I had fun, lots of it. I was in another world. Tile world.

Chip's Challenge Level 1

Chip’s Challenge Gameplay

The Future for Chip’s Challenge

Now with the advent of the internet, I look back and wonder how I had forgotten all about that game. A few Google searches and Bam! I’m a member of a Chip’s Challenge Fans group hosted at Yahoo! Groups. Chuck Sommerville, the original creator of the game is also a member, that was pretty cool.

There were legal and financial issues that prevented a direct sequel to the game even though Chip’s Challenge 2 was already polished and ready to go. Instead, a new spiritual successor was developed by Niffler, an indie game company founded by Chuck Sommerville. Chuck’s Challenge is available for the PC, Mac, IPhone and IPad . It features a new lead character named Woop.

To be honest though, I feel that the premise of the new game is ridiculous. Aliens forced Chuck to create a puzzle game. Really? Well, whatever gets me my tile game back.

A sequel to Chuck’s Challenge is currently being developed. Chuck’s Challenge 3D.

May the Chips be with you.


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